Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lake time

At least in Chicago people really take advantage of the brief summer. The lake has been good to us. The boys and I have found some days during the week to hit the lake. Ben had a few days off here and there and joined us for running, playing and castle building in the sand.

Jeremiah was very helpful the first time I decided to take the boys solo.
He even put the sunblock on D's face.
We have also been blessed to be invited to spend two weekends at a lake house in Michigan. The first weekend was a family weekend. We went out on on the boat, both boys went on the tube being pulled by the boat. Jeremiah was lucky enough to go out on the jet ski. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera down at the water.
Davis and the smore.

The second trip was for a friends birthday. We left the kids with my parents and had a blast at the lake. I don't have pictures of that weekend because they might get us in trouble... :)

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