Monday, January 30, 2012

February as a Vegan

Anyone that really knows me knows that I love cheese, chocolate and a good steak. So the fact that I/we have decided to go vegan for February may have some of you thinking...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Ok, I get it, I doubt myself as well. But this is something that we have really contemplated. I consider myself to be a healthy person. I work out regularly, eat healthy, I sleep enough, and maintain a healthy weight; so why am I tired? I have read more and more about how animal-based foods cause many health problems and plant-based foods are the best for you; even reversing some health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. But you may say...we are supposed to eat meat...we are carnivores. If we are true carnivores, wouldn't we have the teeth to jump on the back of a cow and bite through the hide? Just saying, maybe we are not meant to eat meat, and if we are we are definitely eating too much.

A couple weeks ago we rented Forks Over Knives and were really inspired to make a change. We have cleared our home of temptations, shopped for plant-based foods and slowly worked animal-based foods out of our diet for the last couple of weeks.

I decided to blog about it every few days. I thought, if I write about it not only will it be on my mind but others will hold me accountable. The funny thing is I think this is going to be easier for Ben than for me. So, we begin February 1st and we need your support. I am interested to see how I feel; if I feel differently at all.

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